We should be reading Gershon Baskin

Again I urge my followers who are interested in the Israel-Hamas conflict to read Gershon Baskin. Not because you will always like what he says, but because he has unique access to Gaza Residents and Palestinian/Hamas leadership. Check his CV, he’s been on the ground in this crisis for a long time and knows what […]

From Ofer Abrahamson

so sick and tired of these groundless claims from people claiming they know a damn thing about what’s going on in the Middle East. I know you like to say that you are Pro HUMAN rights, that you care about Arabs everywhere, their safety and that you’re not just ANTI- Israel. So I wanted to help […]

From friend and colleague Rabbi Paul Kipnes

An Update on Israel and Gaza:1. War is horrible, unpredictable, bloody and always results in death – far too many people will be killed on all sides of the conflict. We mourn every death, our own soldiers and civilians, and those of civilians caught in the conflict. 2. There will be more casualties, they will seem […]

More from Gershon Baskin

The Gaza war updateThe government of Israel had little choice but to use military means to confront the challenge of the rockets from Gaza. The indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel’s civilian population is intolerable, a war crime and had to be stopped. In the course of confronting this challenge Israel has discovered that a […]